Serge Roche, Tall and rare pair of obelisks

Serge Roche (1898-1988)

Rare pair of important obelisks
circa 1935

Each obelisk is made of a cubic base in wood, veneered with four patinated slabs of mirrors. A stepped pyramid entirely veneered with patinated mirrors rises above this base and is topped with a white painted sphere. Stamped "Serge Roche - Cadres - Antiquités Décoration" under one of the obelisks.

Height 74 cm (29 1/8 in) - Width 20,5 cm (8 1/16 in) - Depth 20,5 cm (8 1/16 in).

Literatur :
- « Art et Décoration », octobre 1935, similar model p.362
- « Vogue », fevrier 1936, similar model p. 41


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