Rare Anthropomorphe lamp, vue 01
Rare Anthropomorphe lamp, vue 02
Rare Anthropomorphe lamp, vue 03

Rare Anthropomorphe lamp

Georges Jouve (1910-1964)


Rare Anthropomorphe lamp
circa 1952

White enamelled ceramic and black oxide, circa 1952. Evoking the form of a woman with raised arms, this lamp is entirely pure white enamelled. The pattern is made up from a black oxide, as most of his patterns in the 1950’s. This oxide gives to the pattern this mat and crazed appearance, which underlines the rounded forms of this feminin body. Références

Total height 62 cm (24 ½ in) - Lamp shade diameter 42 cm (16 ½ in) - Base height 47,5 cm (18 ¾ in)

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même esprit