Pair of sofas, vue 01
Pair of sofas, vue 03

Pair of sofas

Paul Dupré-Lafon (1900-1971)


Pair of sofas
circa 1938-1939

Rare pair of sofas in sanded oak, wrought iron and bronze by Paul Dupré-Lafon, circa 1938-1939 Three large beige fabric cushions stand on a low rectangular sanded oak base, its front is marked out by a bronze cane. Three other cushions forming back, lean on three horizontal quadrangular sanded oak bars, held by three vertical black patinated wrought iron blades, marked out by bronze canes. This same model of sofa has been made for Parisian private mansions and apartments, entirely decorated by Paul Dupré- Lafon from the end of the 30’s. A certificate of authenticity issued by the rightholder of Paul Dupré- Lafon: Laure Tinel Dupré-Lafon, goes along with this piece.

Height (27 ½ in) 70 cm - Lenght 226 cm (89 in) - Depth 105 cm (41 ¼ in)

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