Jose Zanine Caldas, “Namoradeira” conversation seat, vue 01
Jose Zanine Caldas, “Namoradeira” conversation seat, vue 02
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Jose Zanine Caldas, “Namoradeira” conversation seat

Jose Zanine Caldas


‘Namoradeira’ conversation seat

Solid sculpted pequi wood, in only one piece. Signed «Zanine», twice, at the base, on each side. The back and the seat are in the same block. Those two armchairs are united and reversed, that allows to be facing the interlocutor. This Namoradeira is a « useful sculpture». Become a truly iconic piece of Zanine’s work, this confident reveals all the creative strenght of the architecture who yearn for a total art. The wood used, Pequi, is a fruit tree from the Minas Gerais region (Belo Horizonte). This tree has an important cultural role. The Pequi fruit is very popular. There is a celeration after each harvest. Carving this wood is a challenge as it is dense and wild.

Height 23 ¼ in - Width 34 ½ in - Depth 30 ¾ in.

Zanine Caldas’ private collection, designed for his own Joatinga house, Rio de Janeiro.

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