Gueridon, vue 01
Gueridon, vue 02
Gueridon, vue 03


Jean-Charles Moreux (1889 - 1956)



Wrought iron gueridon. The rectangular top is composed of an ink drawing by Jean-Charles Moreux, protected by a glass in a wrought iron frame. It represents, on the foreground, a prancing horse, and into the background, imaginary architectures with gliding figures. The drawing is signed ‘J.C.M. 1938’ under the right foreleg of the horse. This top stands on two wrought iron and cast-off metal feet, composed of volutes and stylized leafage. They are linked to each other by a strut, topped on its middle by a small vase with long volute handles. This gueridon comes from the living room of the actress Sonia Batcheff, created by Jean-Charles Moreux in 1938.

Height 55 cm (21 3/4 in) - Length 85 cm (33 1/2 in) - Width 40 cm (15 3/4 in)

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