Jose Zanine Caldas (1919 -2001)

Jose Zanine Caldas (1919-2001) is a skilful Brazilian architect. Builder, carpenter, sculptor, designer, Caldas is not limited to a eld of ac- tion. Quite the opposite, his overview focuses on the Brazilian social difficulties. The wood, source of energy, is at the heart of his concerns.

Caldas’ work immerses us in the Brazilian memory and identity. He has faith in the Nature and seeks in the use of the wood a solution to resolve the lack of habitation. From 1950 to 1953, he forms a partnership with Sebastia Pentes and founds the Fabrica de Moveis Z. They work on the various possibilities offered by the plywood and cardwood.

All the production is focused on the pre- carious nature of the industrial conditions. Caldas knows that in a country as the Brazil, nothing must be wasted. Affected by the Modern utopia – he participates with Oscar Niemeyer to the Brasilia’s adventure – Caldas quickly drops this functionnalist aspect.

In 1984, he creates the Center for the Development of the Brazilian Wood Applications, which gives him an international recognition. His ecological inclination carries out to create habitations only in wood, whose integrate completly their environment. This de- sire of integration is also inside the house. With Caldas, the technic and the aesthetic ne- ver contradict each other. Utility and beauty merge with the creation of solid wood furniture where the initial form of the stum or the trunk determines the shape. The tools used for sculpt and shape are rudimentary and traditional. Zanine loves the accident, takes his time and gives in this way, to his pieces Universality.



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