Necklace “Les vertèbres” in gilded bronze, circa 1940-1945

Line Vautrin (1913-1997)

Necklace in gilded bronze, composed of elements in a shape of vertebra. Monogramm L.V



Provenance : Private collection, Paris


Literature :
– “Line Vautrin, Bijoux et Objets”, Line Vautrin et Patrick Mauriès, éd. Thames & Hudson, Paris, 1992, p.54-55


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Unclassifiable artist, Line Vautrin (1913-1997) was named “The poetess of metal” by Vogue magazine in 1948. This French artist expressed her desire for freedom through her works and stood out thanks to her original style which broke with the artistic conventions of the post-war period. A look back at this major artist of the 20th French decorative arts with a selection of boxes, powder boxes, bronze or talosel jewellery…

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Dimensions 31 × 36 × 12 cm

Lenght 34 cm


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