Rare ‘pantalonniere’ chest of drawers

André Arbus (1903 - 1969)

Rare ‘pantalonniere’ chest of drawers
circa 1935-1937

Chest of drawers in original parchment and ivory lacquered feet. The quadrangular body of the chest of drawers presents three raws of three layered drawers, underlined by a half cane. The whole is entirely covered with original parchment. It stands on an ivory lacquered wooden base with curved feet. This ‘pantalonniere’ chest of drawers takes part of André Arbus iconic creations. With an extreme refinement, precious materials, such as parchment, and also elegant proportions, it embodies the completion of the research André Arbus did during the 30’s towards more renewed classicism.

Height 67 cm (26 ¼ in)
Width 154 cm (60 ¾ in)
Depth 47 cm (18 ½ in)

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