Pair of “Soleil à Pointes n°1” mirrors

Line Vautrin (1913-1997)


Pair of "Soleil à Pointes n°1" mirrors
Circa 1960

Mirrors with, outside, a ring composed of beige talosel points inlayed with golden brown and turquoise blue mirrors. Central parts present a double beige talosel ring, scored and inlayed with square golden brown mirrors. Original blue convex mirrored glasses. Back are totally scored. The ‘mica’ colour is one of the rarest colour in Line Vautrin work. This colour has the particularity to give a precious character to mirrors. The ‘mica’ colour is combined with ‘turquoise’ colour which is also a rare colour. The rarety of this mirrors is reinforced by their original central turquoise convex mirrors. Both signed ‘LINE VAUTRIN - XII’ on the back.

Diameters 23 cm (9 in)


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