Line Vautrin, “Romain” mirror (sold)

Line Vautrin (1913-1997)


"Romain" mirror (sold)
circa 1955

Circular mirror with a principal ring encrusted with blue and gilded ‘baguettes’ mirrors. Outside, incrustations of square silvered mirrors. Inside, a large scored ring with incrustations of silvered square mirrors. Back totally scored. This elegant mirror is the largest model in the ‘Romain’ series. Less common than the small and middle models, these large mirrors are very elaborate, especially on the talosel which presents different kinds of ridges, horizontal and with a chevrons pattern. Its radiant and luminous aspect is enhanced with the small silvered square mirrors punctuating the whole mirror. Signed ‘Line Vautrin’ on the back of the mirror.

Diameter 46 cm (18 in)

Provenance : Private collection, Paris

Literature :
- « Line Vautrin, Miroirs », P. Mauriès, éd. Galerie Chastel-Maréchal, Paris, 2004, p. 26
- « L’univers de Line Vautrin », in Maison française, n°154, février 1962, p. 78
- Photo d’archives de Line Vautrin


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