Line Vautrin, ‘Montre’ mirror, vue 01
Line Vautrin, ‘Montre’ mirror, vue 02
Line Vautrin, ‘Montre’ mirror, vue 03

Line Vautrin, ‘Montre’ mirror

Line Vautrin (1913-1997)

'Montre' mirror
circa 1960

Mirror presenting a large crown made up of beige talosel encrusted with two raws of gilded rectangular mirrors. On the top of the mirror there is a beige talosel ring linked to the mirror with the original dark red leather link. Original slightly convex mirrored glass. Signed «Line Vautrin-XII» on the back.

Diameter 34 cm (13 1⁄2 in) - Height 41 cm (16 in)

- « Line Vautrin, Miroirs », Patrick Mauriès, éd. Galerie Chastel-Maréchal, Paris, 2004, pp 86-87
- Maison Française n°124, 1959
- Archives de Line Vautrin