Line Vautrin, “Miroir aux Alouettes”, vue 01
Line Vautrin, “Miroir aux Alouettes”, vue 02

Line Vautrin, “Miroir aux Alouettes”

Line Vautrin (1913-1997)


"Miroir aux Alouettes"
circa 1955

Tortie color talosel structure, twelve larks in talosel inlaid with silver mirrors.Signed « Line Vautrin » on the back.Line Vautrin’s great classic, this mirror ‘aux Alouettes» is quite rare on the market. Two sizes exist, ours is the largest with its twelve larks tilted to the convex mirrored glass.

Diameter 46 cm (18 in)

Provenance : Private collection, South of France.

Literature :
- «Line Vautrin, Miroirs», Patrick Mauriès, éd. Galerie Chastel- Maréchal, Paris, 2004, p. 32