Jose Zanine Caldas, Chaise longue, vue 01
Jose Zanine Caldas, Chaise longue, vue 02
Jose Zanine Caldas, Chaise longue, vue 03

Jose Zanine Caldas, Chaise longue

Jose Zanine Caldas (1919-2001)

Chaise longue
circa 1949

Chaise longue in plywood, cotton rop and removable matress with its original leather. This chaise longue is characteristic of the 1st period of Zanine Caldas’ work. In 1949 he created the Fabrica de Moveis Z which continued until 1953. Exploiting the possibilities of plywood and chipboard, the production was based on the precarious nature of the industrial situation in Brazil where, Caldas felt, nothing should be wasted. This social enterprise played an important role in the history of Brazilian design. Looking for innovative solutions in order to preserve Nature, Zanine Caldas gave here a very beautiful example with the use of the plywood. The use of this material contrastes with the noble leather. The graphic line of the structure and the formal simplicity make these pieces timeless. This model has became an icon of Brazilian design.

Height 60 cm (23 1⁄2 in) - Depth 60 cm (23 1⁄2 in) - Length 160 cm (63 in)

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