Jacques Quinet, Living room set, vue 01
Jacques Quinet, Living room set, vue 02

Jacques Quinet, Living room set

Jacques Quinet (1918-1992)


Set of three armchairs and a low chair
circa 1952

Set of three sycamore armchairs and a low chair. Parallelepipedic legs on the front, ending with gilded bronze hooves. Sabre-shaped legs on the back. Rectangular at back. For the armchairs, armrests with cuffs. Seat and back upholstered with a purple fabric from Bisson Bruneel.

Armchairs : Height 83,5 cm (32 ¾ in)- Width 65 cm (25 ½ in) - Depth 66 cm (26 in).
Low chair : Height 78 cm (30 ¾ in) - Width 55 cm (21 ¾ in) - Depth 68,5 cm (27 in)

Provenance : Ordered directly from the artist by the father of the previous owner.

Références bibliographiques :
- "Jacques Quinet", Guitemie Maldonado, éd. de l’Amateur, Paris, 2000, pp. 45-46 for a comparable model with an ivory lacquer, p. 47 for a similar model (armchairs) & p. 52 for a similar model with a red lacquer.