Georges Jouve, Important Soleil vase with cardinal points

Georges Jouve (1910-1964)

Important Soleil vase with cardinal points
circa 1949

Black enameled ceramic. Perfect original condition. This piece is signed «Jouve» with the «Alpha» monogram under the base. This piece perfectly represents the first period of Georges Jouve’s production. Recurring theme of the post-war period, signifying the renewal after these troubled times, the sun correspond perfectly to the solar personality of Jouve.

Height 38 cm (15 in) - Total width 36,5 cm (14 1⁄4 in)

Provenance : Private collection, Brussels, Belgium.
Literature :
- "Jouve céramiste", Michel Faré, éd. Art & Industrie, Paris, 1965, pp. 15, 19, 55, 65
- "Georges Jouve", éd. Jousse Entreprise, Paris, 2006, pp. 93, 96, 122-123, 284, 314 (Only two copies of this vase are known to date, including the one reproduced in the book by Jousse Entreprise, pp. 122- 123.)


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