Line Vautrin (1913 - 1997)

Rare "Sequins" mirror
circa 1960

The circular structure constitutes two concentric crowns, one surrounded with lumaline and the second one made of patinated ‘écaille’ talosel, linked to each other by metal stems, randomly distributed. Many sequins, inlayed with multicolored mirrors, are linked to the external crown by thin metal stems. Original flat mirrored glass. The back of the mirror is entirely dotted. Signed ‘Line Vautrin’ and ‘ROI’ stamp on the back of the mirror. Diameter 60 cm (23 ½ in).

Diameter 60 cm (23 ½ in).

- « Line Vautrin, Miroirs », Patrick Mauriès, éd. Galerie Chastel-Maréchal, Paris, 2004, p. 40, 74-75
- «Jean Royère décorateur», in Mobilier et Décoration, novembre 1963


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