Jean Royère (1902 - 1981)

Pair of lanterns called «Fond perdu» (sold)
circa 1950

These wall-lamps in blackened metal are composed of a rectangular amount, forming a right angle in its upper part. Thanks to a hook, a lantern is hanging at the end of a stirrup. These lanternrs are composed of metal corner pieces in which glass slabs are set. These wall-lamps are fixed on the wall thanks three flattened balls in blackened metal. These lanterns were made for an exterior use and worked with gas.

Height 151 cm (59 3⁄4 in) - Length 34 cm (13 1⁄2 in) - Depth 73 cm (28 3⁄4 in).

Provenance : House from the Brittany region, France.

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