Jacques Adnet (1901 - 1984) & Jacques Lenoble (1902-1967)

Pair of rectangular low tables
circa 1950

This pair of low tables is a collaboration between Jacques Adnet and Jacques Lenoble for La Compagnie des Arts Français. When Jacques Adnet takes the artistic direction of the CAF, founded in 1919 by Louis Süe and André Mare, he gathers talented artists and craftsmen who renew the French decorative arts. The exhibition ‘The contemporary ceramic in the decoration’, organized by Jacques Adnet in 1944 replaces the ceramic at the heart of the creation. This pair of low tables is the perfect example. This pair is made of oak and terra cota.

Height 45 cm (17 ¾ in) - Depth 166cm (65 ¾ in) - Width 50 cm (19 ¾ in)

Literature : - Jacques Adnet, Alain-René Hardy & Gaëlle Millet, éditions de l’Amateur, Paris, 2009, p. 105 pour un modèle comparable


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