Alberto Giacometti (1901 - 1966)

"Figure" floor lamp (sold)
circa 1933-1934

This bronze floor lamp with a brown patina rest on a narrow circular base. It evokes a slight silhouette with a feminine head decoration with turned up shoulders topped with a silky lampshade none original. Alberto Giacometti created this floor lamp model for Jean-Michel Frank in the beginning of 1930s. We find at the same time the esthetics of the artist in this sculptural piece and his taste of his backer for this refined piece and objects of finds. As part of their collaboration with the decorator, th Giacometti brothers knew how to «make a piece of furniture so that we saw a sculpture there.» (Françoise Francisci, writer and author of a work on Diego Giacometti). Monogrammed and numbered ‘AG 32’ behind on the base. Purchased directly from the Compagnie des Arts Français in 1953, directed by Jacques Adnet since 1928, by the precedent owners. A certificate of authenticity of the Annette and Alberto Giacometti Foundation comes along with this piece. This floor lamp is referenced by the Foundation Alberto and Annette Giacometti in its online database, Alberto Giacometti Database (AGD), under the number 3781.

Total height 193 cm (76 in) - Height without lampshade 154,5 cm (60 ¾ in) - Base diameter 21cm (8 ¼ in) - Lampshade diameter 50 cm (19 ¾ in)

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