Camille Roche (1894-1948)

Born in Paris, Camille is the son of Odilon Roche, artist and art dealer. During childhood, Camille ROCHE (1894-1948) revealed a great talent for painting and drawing.
In 1905, only at age 11, he exhibited two artworks at the Salon. In 1912, he went to Italy in the Mortola then to Tunis with Léon Detroy from where he brought back plenty of drawings.
As of 1913, he received his first decor commissions, notably for Colette’s apartment and then Coco Chanel’s in 1917.

Mobilized in 1914, he is seriously injured in combat then released in 1916. After the War, he began a collaboration with the Manufacture de Sèvres for a few years, in particular during the two International Exhibitions of 1925 and 1937, for which he made “The Earthly Paradise” and the “Boudoir of Serge and Camille Roche”.
In 1920, he was the winner of the first promotion of American Foundation for Thought and French Art (Fondation Américaine pour la Pensée et l’Art Français), also known under the name Florence Blumenthal Foundation. 

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Born in 1908, Denyse Gatard is the older sister of the famous ceramist Georges Jouve. She was educated at the ‘École d’arts appliqués’ of Paris, and then follows the drawing lessons of the ‘Académie de la Grande Chaumière’, still in Paris. She worked in Jean Dunand’s workshop, the famous Art deco lacquer, where she learned the work of lacquer, then, she decided to follow her husband in Indochina, in Algeria and in Morocco, where she familiarized with clay modelling.

After the war, she improved her knowledge with her brother, in Paris. From 1947, she developed a magnificent enamel in golden lustre and made mirrors, ashtrays, trays, small bawls, as well as a series of jewels that she developed throughout the 50s. Her production is essentially distributed by the Parisian galleries ‘l’Arcade’ and ‘Siècle’. Her pieces also appear in setting by Maurice Pré, her second husband. Until 1965, Denyse Gatard participates regularly to the ‘Salon des Artistes Décorateurs’ and the ‘Salon des Arts Ménagers’.

In the thirties, he collaborated with his brother Serge Roche, one of the greatest decorators of that period, for who he created the essential of the decorations of his mansion house in Rue Las Cases in Paris.
He participated in the decoration of most of the commissions that Serge Roche received during that time. On this occasion, he made sumptuous folding screens with gold and silver background.
In 1938, he created a huge decor for the villa of the Lord and Lady Cholmondeley, chamberlain of the Queen of England at Juan-les-Pins.

He was also famous for his drawings of nude, of landscapes and animals. During his lifetime, several solo exhibitions were dedicated to him (Devambez Gallery in 1924, Vincent Gallery in 1930). Over the course of his career, ROCHE also regularly took part in the Autumn Salon, the Decorators Salon, the Salon of the National Fine-Art Society and the Salon of Animal Artists Society.


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